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My first home: Melvin Odoom

He’s got speakers in every room, but Kiss DJ and Strictly… winner Melvin Odoom keeps it wireless

What was the first property you bought?

A three-bedroom house in Enfield. I bought it ten years ago. They should teach you how to buy a house at school. It’s the most important thing I’ve done with my money and I had no idea what I was doing. I’d just finished paying off my student loan and was living with my mum. I’d saved up some money and my sister, who is my right-hand woman, helped me find a place. It was a crazy time — having to go to all these banks and pay solicitors fees, the deposit and council tax.

Why did you buy a three-bedroom as your first place?

Family is everything to me and it was near my mum and my sister. My mum hadn’t charged me rent when I was living with her so I’d saved up some money and I was told I should buy a house if I could afford it, as there were other issues to worry about with flats. So I bought a three-bedroom house. It wasn’t massive, it was in a terrace, and it was quite cosy.

What changes did you make?

The previous people had done it up to sell on so I didn’t need to do anything apart from buy furniture. Some people can walk into a place and say: ‘I’ll knock this wall down and move the kitchen’ but I’m not that guy, which is why my sister helped me find somewhere. The major change I made was to put speakers in the upstairs bathroom and downstairs shower and connect them to my hi-fi. If I was showering or having a number one or two I could listen to my favourite tracks. Sonos [a wireless speaker network] didn’t even exist when I did that.

Have you ever done a big renovation?

I’ve moved since then and I’ve made changes to the garden in my current house. I’ve put a cabin out there which has a gym and hot tub. The house already had an extension and loft conversion when I bought it. I’m really into my fitness so it’s very useful when I can’t get to the gym.

How ‘smart’ is your home?

I’ve now got Sonos fitted everywhere, including the cabin. I don’t like seeing wires so I’ve made sure they’re all hidden away — you can’t see any wires even with the TV. I like a clean look. Most rooms in the house have Sonos or Bluetooth speakers. My lights have different settings you can programme, but I don’t have the ones where you put them on by clapping.

Have you taken any sentimental items when moving house?

My friend got me a tiny money plant when I bought my first house. When I moved here my uncle bought me a bigger version. I’ve still got the first one, which reminds me that things grow and you move on: things get bigger and you move to the next stage.

Do you have any career memorabilia on display?

I did Strictly… two years ago. I was the first to leave but I was also the first person to leave without having a dance-off, as the other person in the bottom two was Anastacia, who had an injury and couldn’t do it. So it went to public vote and I got voted off. They asked me to do the Christmas special later that year and I won it. I was given the Strictly Come Dancing trophy and my whole family came round to watch it on Christmas Day — it’s one of the best Christmases I’ve had. I’ve got the trophy in my living room. And I have the Olympic torch I ran with in 2012.

What would be your dream home?

I’ve seen pictures of the house Chris Hemsworth has built in Byron Bay in Australia. It has an infinity pool at the top, a media room, four bedrooms, a spa and all this other stuff going on. So I’d want that house. He looks like he’s living well.

Melvin presents the KISS FM breakfast show, weekdays 6am to 10am. He will also host the KISS Haunted House Party at Wembley Arena on Friday.