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My 999 hero: Brave four-year-old calmly calls for help as mum has fits

A BRAVE four-year-old calmly called 999 as her mum suffered her fourth fit in a day.

Little Kaitlyn Wright kept her cool with a 999 operator as mum Charlene, 33, had a fit that lasted for almost five minutes.

Kaitlyn told the call operator: ‘Mummy is having a fit, so I need to look after her.’

The ‘grown-up little girl’ has been commended by the ambulance service for knowing ‘exactly what to do in an emergency’ and stayed on the line until her dad came home.

Kaitlyn was able to tell South West Ambulance Service (SWASFT) call handler Jess Hodkinson exactly what was wrong during the call on October 27.

She told Jess where they lived, and said her mum’s tongue was ‘hanging out’ and was bleeding — but she made sure her mum was still breathing.

And she was even able to tell Jess that her mum takes medication, which turned out to be for fibromyalgia and causes Charlene to have up to 40 seizures a week.

Kaitlyn told Jess: ‘We’re going to a Halloween party and we don’t want to be late for the Halloween party.’

Kaitlyn, Charlene and dad Simon Cooper made a special visit to the SWASFT control centre, near Bristol, on November 30 and Kaitlyn was given a certificate to commend her extraordinary bravery, presence of mind and wisdom beyond her years.

The tot from Askerswell, Dorset, said: ‘I pressed 999 and said my mummy was having a fit.’

When asked for her mum’s age, innocent Kaitlyn told Jess that Charlene, who is 33, was ’40, like a parent’ — before later telling Jess the names of the family’s kittens.

But Charlene, who thankfully stopped fitting and didn’t need to go to hospital, said: ‘I’m so proud of Kaitlyn. At the time I wasn’t really aware of what had happened. I woke up with the paramedics standing over me. I was so happy when I found out what she had done.

‘We taught all our children how to make a 999 call and what to say to the call handler. We got Kaitlyn a pretend Disney phone and practised with it.

‘It can be scary when you’re not well. But Kaitlyn makes me feel safe. She’s a star.’

And dad Simon, who can be heard returning home at the end of Kaitlyn’s call, added: ‘Kaitlyn is a grown-up little girl who knows exactly what to do in an emergency. She is brilliant.’

Jess, who works in the SWASFT control centre as an emergency medical dispatcher, said the incident highlighted how vital it was for parents to teach their children what to do in an emergency. That included showing them how to call 999, making sure they knew their address and ensuring they were aware of any health problems in the family.

Jess said: ‘Every call is different, and we are taught how to deal with child callers as part of our training. But it is unusual to receive a call from someone so young.

‘Kaitlyn was very brave and informative. She obviously knew how to call 999, she told me exactly what was happening, and where she lives. She knew exactly what to do in an emergency.’