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Mum has trouble bee-lieving son’s ‘crack spoon’ explanation

Oh mother! Jordan and Lisa, who now sees the funny side of her reaction to finding the sugar water spoon in the garden PICTURE: KENNEDY NEWS

A MUM panicked thinking her son had left a spoon with traces of crack cocaine in her garden — only to learn he had been trying to resuscitate a bee with sugar water.

Lisa Ridehalgh had just got back from holiday when her husband Darren found the spoon with the mysterious white crystalline substance.

She texted son Jordan, 23, who was at a music festival, demanding: ‘What’s this in the garden? Looks like crack to me.’

The concerned mum had even searched the phrase ‘crack spoon’ online, which produced similar images.

Jordan thought it was hilarious and texted back: ‘Lmaoooo [Laughing my a** off] it will taste like sugar.’

Text alert: The ‘crack spoon’ exchange

He explained how he and girlfriend Isobel Mason had put some sugar and water on the spoon to try to revive a bee, which wasn’t moving.

The IT worker said: ‘Fast forward and we’ve totally forgot that we left the spoon out in the garden.

‘I couldn’t even tell you how preposterous it is. What makes me laugh is picturing their conversation when Googling “crack spoon”.’

Lisa realised she jumped to the wrong conclusion when she tasted the sugar water. She said: ‘Jordan is lovely and a good lad. He loves going to festivals and I always say to him to have a good time but don’t be taking drugs.

‘I do have a bit of an over-active imagination. I trust him, it’s just one of those things that mothers do. I’m glad it has made people laugh.’