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Motorists struggling to get to grips with driving again after lockdown layoff

A FIFTH of motorists have struggled to get to grips with driving again after being off the road for so long.

The average Brit drives at least 7,000 miles every year — an average 583 miles a month, according to MOT data.

But a survey of 2,000 motorists revealed that in the previous 28 days they covered just 90 miles, with 30 per cent doing 25 miles or less.

With so little driving during lockdown, 18 per cent were finding it hard to get back to normal behind the wheel.

Give us a steer, please: Motorists have forgotten all sorts of things about driving while off the road PICTURES: SWNS

Of those who have found it difficult to adjust, 28 per cent stalled their car, 21 per cent scraped the wheels on the kerb and more than one in five forgot to indicate.

Four in ten motorists said they hadn’t visited a filling station in 28 days, with 12 per cent admitting they had forgotten which side they filled up or charged from.

The Hyundai poll also revealed 48 per cent of motorists feared the standard of driving would be worse once coronavirus restrictions started to be lifted.

Some 44 per cent thought drivers have been going faster during lockdown, with just ten per cent believing they have been driving more slowly.

Police forces across the UK have spoken out about shocking driving since March. But one third of those surveyed said they have been taking it more cautiously.

Top ten driver errors since lockdown

1. Stalled

2. Struggled to parallel park

3. Forgot to indicate

4. Scraped wheels on kerb

5. Had to think carefully about what each pedal does

6. Not checking mirrors when pulling away

7. Forgot where the filler cap was

8. Forgot to turn the ignition key

9. Not shut the door properly

10. Not put their seatbelt on