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Mind of your home

MINDFULNESS was the buzzword of 2017, with now over 1,300 apps dedicated to finding that inner calm. This particular wellness movement is still making waves this year. Now, though, it’s not so much about finding mindfulness from within, but how to create an environment that helps you become more mindful at all times.

This month Heal’s flagship store in Tottenham Court Road is hosting a mindful month with workshops designed to help you — and your home — completely embrace the experience.

Emily Dawe hosted a mindful origami workshop. It was a yoga class that first introduced her to the power of mindfulness.

‘I was working in a busy office with deadlines coming out of my ears,’ she says, ‘feeling like a hamster on a wheel so I decided to try out a yoga class that took place in the basement of our offices.

‘As I closed my eyes and started to focus inwards, listening to the rhythm of my breath, it was the first time I had switched off in a long time and it was the wake-up call I needed. From there I started looking for something creative I could focus the same sort of energy on, and discovered a love of paper folding. It’s such a therapeutic hobby.’

If the search for something to help you switch off sounds familiar, then introducing mindfulness into your interior design can help. Colour plays an important part with pastels and soft greens helping to soothe, whilst yellow can lift downtrodden spirits.

As a rule of thumb, however, Emily says the key is to keep your home as clean and de-cluttered as possible.

Every time you bring something into your home, take something out, whether it’s to the charity shop or recycling depot. ‘We own too much,’ she stresses, ‘we don’t need all these material things to gain happiness. Ultimately it’s people and experiences that bring us joy.

‘Your home is your sanctuary and if it doesn’t reflect an air of calm you will never feel properly at ease.’ Our guide overleaf will help you search out the key pieces for your more mindful home.

* Visit for more information and details of February’s events