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Millenials can change world for better, say Biffy Clyro

Tat’s the way it is: Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil PIC: GETTY

BIFFY CLYRO are pinning their hopes on generation social media ‘overhauling’ the ‘dead state’ of politics.

The Scottish rockers say it ‘feels like the world is falling apart’ but they are hopeful chatter coming from the internet generation will restore order.

Frontman Simon Neil, 38, told Guilty Pleasures: ‘I feel really proud of the next generation. They are the first generation of people growing up that have always had the internet. They are going to have a conscience like we have never had.

‘They are more aware and enlightened,’ he continued.

After voting remain in the EU referendum and harbouring disdain for Donald Trump, the Mountains singer says he’ll try hard to keep politics out of the band’s next hits but he can’t make any promises.

‘We won’t be addressing it directly but it will f***ing infiltrate,’ he said.

‘I have more anger in my belly than I’ve had for a while. Everything is being compromised and we need to stand for things so the valuable will be valuable, not fleetingly valuable like f***ing stock markets. That’s not going to save humanity,’ he added.

‘If the world dies, it won’t be, “Well at least we died with the Dow Jones up”. That is not f***ing important.’ Tattoo-loving Neil railed: ‘It feels like the world is falling apart. The day that Donald Trump insults the widow of a soldier, the Dow Jones breaks a record. I don’t f***ing get it. I think there is going to be an overhaul.

‘Politics cannot exist the way it is going. It is a dead system. It needs to change. Hopefully, I live long enough to see things become harmonious again.’

The band will look to exorcise some frustration with an MTV Unplugged set at the Roundhouse, Camden on Wednesday to celebrate the TV channel’s European Music Awards on Sunday in London.