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Megan Mullally on Will And Grace and working with Donald Trump

What can people expect from your Nancy And Beth gigs?

It’s punk-vaudeville. We [her bandmate is Stephanie Hunt] do covers from all eras and genres and I’ve choreographed a dance for each song. It’s wry yet celebratory all at once. The dancing aspect has evolved quite a bit recently.

Does this mean you lose weight after a tour?

I’m going to look like Gisele Bündchen. I’m getting the most slamming body.

Who are your musical influences?

I grew up in Oklahoma and there was only one radio station, so it had to be all things to all people — they played music from full-on hillbilly to jazz to pop and rock. So I like a broad range. We do covers of a Wynona Carr song from the 1950s called Please Mr Jailer and Gucci Main’s rap song, I Don’t Love Her, which is the furthest from a feminist anthem you can imagine. We do it somewhat ironically.

Will you be doing a bit of politics as well?

Well, that’s the elephant in the room that’s broken out of the room and blocked out most of the sky — you can’t get around it. Who knows what will be happening by the time we get to London. He [Donald Trump] may be deposed by then.

You worked with Trump when he was The Apprentice host, didn’t you?

When American Idol was at its peak, the Emmys had this dumb idea to do Emmy Idol, where people would perform themes from sitcoms. Normally I would have said, ‘F*** no!’ but they wanted me to do the theme from Green Acres as Karen from Will And Grace with Donald Trump — so I was in. And now he’s president.

The first time I met Trump, he told me I was talking too much. I thought he was playing a character of himself

Was he a pleasure to work with?

The first time I met him, he told me I was talking too much. I thought he was playing a character of himself so when he gave me s*** I gave it right back. We spent minimal time rehearsing. The funny part is viewers voted for their favourite performance and we won. And it was very important to him that we won — which tells you everything you need to know right there. He called me in my dressing room the next day and said, ‘Hey, we needed to win that and we did and you were a big part of that. And it was a landslide. It wasn’t even close.’ He was really excited about winning. It was nice he called me. That’s the extent of my experience with my nation’s beloved leader.

What’s happening with Will And Grace?

We’ve just done a big promo shoot and we start shooting in the summer.

What’s your vision for where Karen is heading?

It’s been 11 years since we went off the air and over the years people would ask me, ‘What do you think Karen would be doing now?’ and I’d say, ‘Oh, she’d be married to Donald Trump’. Then when we did the video for the [one-off 2016] election special, it was revealed she was friends with him and had the line, ‘Oh honey, I helped him pick out Melania’, which I thought was pretty good.

Did you think twice about doing it?

I didn’t hesitate and it was unusual that all four of us immediately said yes. That’s a great sign and bodes well. I’m looking forward to it. As long as it’s still funny then why not?

You’re writing a relationships book with your husband, Nick Offerman from Parks And Recreation. What are your tips for a happy marriage?

We have a rule that we’re never apart longer than two weeks. We like to make each other laugh. Every time I get a chuckle out of Nick it makes me feel good. We had similar upbringings. And we put the relationship before our careers, which is the most important part.

Do you have any unfulfilled career ambitions?

I’d like to do more film work. I just did the movie Why Him? with James Franco and Bryan Cranston — it’s the first time I’ve had a lead role. I played a normal person which was fun, I usually play crazy people. Nick and I say we like to work on good material with nice people who are good at their jobs, which seems obvious but it’s not an easy combination to find.

Nancy And Beth play the Royal Festival Hall on Apr 20 and the Palace Theatre, Manchester, on Apr 22.