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Med diet with fish could be just the fin for a healthy heart

MEAT-LOVERS who just can’t stomach going veggie may find a plant-based menu with added seafood is the best route to good health.

The pesco-Mediterranean diet — rich in nuts, whole grains, olive oil and fish — can cut the risk of heart disease, a US study shows. Plant-based meals are well known to be good for the heart and adding some protein from fish could make them more appealing, said Dr James O’Keefe.

Pescatarians were a third less likely to get coronary artery disease than meat-eaters, the study found. Periods of fasting also help as they force the body to start burning fat.

‘Our ancient ancestors did not have an unlimited supply of food,’ added Dr O’Keefe, of St Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute.

It’s not easy eating greens… so two in ten parents sneak veg into children’s meals

NEARLY half of children think they have never eaten vegetables — despite 22 per cent of parents hiding them in their meals. Three in ten mums and dads struggle to get their six- to 11-year-olds to eat their greens, found a Warburtons poll, with many turning to ‘shortcuts’ such as grating vegetables into meals. A quarter of cunning parents even manage to sneak broccoli, which 31 per cent of kids claim to despise, into their food.