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Lock him up! Donald Trump accused of coup bid as calls grow for prosecution

DONALD TRUMP is facing demands he is removed from office immediately and prosecuted for inciting rioting at the Capitol that left four people dead and caused revulsion worldwide.

After famously chanting for Hilary Clinton to be locked up he faced the same call — with just 12 days left as US president.

Moves even began to have him removed for being mentally unfit. President-elect Joe Biden called it ‘one of the darkest days’ in US history, and speaker Nancy Pelosi accused Mr Trump of ‘armed insurrection against America’. She said ‘I call on the vice-president to remove him by immediately invoking the 25th Amendment.’

If successful it would be the first time in history a leader had been removed for mental incapacity.

Democrat Chuck Schumer called the riot ‘an insurrection against the United States, incited by the president. He should not hold office a day longer. If the vice-president and Cabinet refuse to stand up, Congress should reconvene to impeach the president’.

Republican Adam Kinzinger said: ‘The president is unwell.’ Former ally Anthony Scaramucci said: ‘Trump’s terrorists rolled into Capitol with guns, mace and zip-tie handcuffs. He should immediately be removed from office and prosecuted.’

Ex-national security adviser John Bolton said he ‘is a threat as long as he remains in the Oval Office’.

British MP Simon Hoare tweeted: ‘Trump had a chant a few years ago. Let the call be: Lock him up! Lock him up! Not sure there’s a golf course at Guantanamo.’

Yesterday, Twitter suspended the president and Facebook blocked him ‘indefinitely’. Even former fan Piers Morgan said he was ‘like a Mafia boss’. The broadcaster said: ‘The president has been banned from using Twitter and Facebook because he can’t be trusted not to incite violence.

‘Yet he still has power to start a nuclear war to end civilisation. Trump is now too dangerous.’

Four people died and 68 were arrested as rioters stormed in to stop election results being confirmed.

Mr Trump seemed to concede defeat yesterday, promising an ‘orderly transition’ on January 20, but still insisted the election was stolen and warned: ‘It’s only the beginning of our fight.’