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Kitten survives 11-storey fall — only to lose home

A KITTEN who survived falling out of an 11th-floor window then found herself homeless.

Seven-month-old May had to be rehoused because her owners could not afford the vet bill to fix her broken pelvis.

May’s owners took her to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London, where staff rushed the kitten into surgery to realign her pelvis which was fractured in several places.

Lots of love: May recovering from her injuries PICTURES: SWNS

X-rays from before and after the operation show May’s fractures completely healed and her skewed spine straightened.

The kitten went to stay with a foster carer to allow her to recover in a home environment after the procedure, which left her with no lasting damage.

The ordeal had not phased the excitable kitty who was back on her feet just days after the complex surgery.

Rosa Steele, cattery team leader at Battersea, said: ‘May’s swift recovery is verging on miraculous considering how far she fell.

‘It’s not often that we hear of cats who have fallen from 11 storeys up.

‘Owners who live above ground-floor level would do well to remember to keep their easily accessible windows shut if their cat has an adventurous nature.’

The lucky kitten has now been rehomed after catching the eye of Collin Goodhew and his family, from Berkshire.

Collin said: ‘After we brought May home, we tried following Battersea’s advice and keeping her in one room so that she could get settled in, but after a few days it was clear that she desperately wanted to explore the rest of the house.

‘She likes to follow me from room to room and tries to climb everything.’