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Joe Jonas on making pasta and singing saucy songs with DNCE

How would you describe DNCE’s sound?

We’re inspired by funk music such as Earth Wind And Fire and The Bee Gees and bands like The Beatles — iconic bands but with quirky lyrics.

Do you know what the band’s new single is yet?

We haven’t announced it but I’m thrilled about people hearing it.

Is it going to be another saucy number?

I’d like to think so. We’ve been working on music that’s more of the same.

Will people be taking their clothes off in the video again?

I don’t see why not. I don’t see why that would be a problem.

You model underwear — do you enjoy it?

The Guess campaign was a cool thing to be part of. It was a big challenge. You have to do the dieting and training, and I was travelling so much I really had to get on it and not get distracted. I did a lot of boxing training and a trainer came on tour with me. I had to eat a lot of protein because you’re working out so much you burn a lot of calories.

Is there less pressure on you since DNCE is a band rather than a solo project?

It definitely takes the pressure off. I prefer to be in a band — I feel more comfortable and feel I can be myself. And I’m doing it with a great bunch of people I love and appreciate.

Why was Cake By The Ocean such a big hit?

It’s one of those songs that can mean different things to different people. For some it’s sexual, for others it’s just a fun song about cake.

Did you enjoy your recent visit to Leamington Spa?

I’m not sure where that is. I went to London recently and saw a bit of the countryside so maybe I went there then. I love London and I want to see more of England. I’ve done some great gigs in the UK — playing Wembley Arena with my brothers was really special.

What were the highs and lows of being a teen idol?

The highs were spending my life doing music and touring. The lows were being young and having to grow up in this industry. It can be intimidating.

Why do so many Disney stars have mental breakdowns?

It’s a lot of pressure and you have to grow up fast while there are a lot of eyeballs on you. It’s not easy having your life put under a microscope and your ups and downs are there for everyone to see. I was lucky to have good people around to help me.

Have you ever considered giving up showbiz?

There were moments when I thought about hitting the reset button and doing something else. I’ve done acting, opened restaurants, done DJing, but I always come back to music because that’s what I enjoy the most. I have a restaurant with two business partners in Santa Monica and we’re about to open another one in West Hollywood. We’re also opening some coffee shops. It’s a totally different thing but it’s great to have a creative outlet away from music — it’s an art form in itself.

Are you any good at cooking ?

I’m not great but I cook every once in a while. I like to make pasta.

Was your girlfriend, Sophie Turner from Game Of Thrones, a Jonas Brothers fan?

You’d have to ask her.

Have you ever had a supernatural experience?

I used to live in a haunted house. Lots of spooky things went down. At night I’d hear people walking through the house, and lights would go on and off. I believe in ghosts now for sure. I was living with friends and we soon moved out.

What else have you got coming up this year?

Music is my main focus — writing, recording and touring. I want to do a big tour, going to places we haven’t been yet. Andrew Williams

DNCE’s self-titled debut album is available now