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Idiot who tried to board a bus with his Boris bike

Double wrecker: The Boris biker
rolls a cigarette before ramming the
double-decker PICTURE: SWNS

THIS is the moment an angry cyclist, who was banned from taking a Boris bike on to a double-decker in London, decides to get his own back and block the bus.

Onlookers said the red-haired man started to rant when the driver of the 149 refused to let him board with one of the Santander-sponsored cycles.

Fellow passengers said he accused the driver of racism before blocking the path of the double-decker by cycling in front of the vehicle.


A video posted online shows him sitting on the bike — with a pillow and two shopping bags over the handlebars — facing the bus while rolling a cigarette.

He then rams the double-decker with the bike, flipping open a front panel, before eventually cycling off. The confrontation happened in Spitalfields, east London, at around 3pm on Monday.

An onlooker said: ‘I was getting off the bus when I watched the scene unfold.

Bus lout: Double-decker eventually moves off PICTURE: SWNS

‘The man tried to bring his Santander bike on board, but the driver told him he couldn’t. They began to argue, but neither of them were prepared to budge.

‘Because the driver was black, the cyclist — who was white -started saying that he was being prejudiced and that the bus driver was racist.

‘He sort of took matters into his own hands. I heard him say, “Right, you’re not going f***ing anywhere”. The cyclist then got off the bus, circled around and rammed his bicycle into the front of the bus to prevent it from moving.’

The onlooker praised the driver, saying: ‘Traffic began to pile up behind the bus, but the driver was so calm.

‘The guy with the bike then parked up, and started smoking. He saw people stop and watch, and then decided to head off.’

TfL has been contacted for comment.