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How to make Valentine’s night right…

Last year my boyfriend bought me flowers from a petrol station. What shall I do if he makes this mistake again?

Petrol station flowers are not the sexiest but your boyfriend actually bought some flowers and if this was done with a good heart you have to be grateful. Maybe you can drop hints when walking past a florist. Say, ‘Aren’t these flowers beautiful? These are the kind I really like’ in the hope he’ll get the idea without feeling bad.

I’m introducing my girlfriend to my parents but she always gets drunk when she’s nervous and offends people without meaning to. Should I warn them?

Some people find it difficult to meet parents for the first time so have a conversation first. Ask her how she feels about your parents and whether she is nervous. Try to make her feel at ease and at the same time warn your parents by saying, ‘I think she’s feeling nervous. I want to let you know so we all make her feel at ease.’ By the way — you say she ‘always’ gets drunk. How drunk? Does she get paralytic? The word ‘always’ tells me there could be a bigger problem than just one nervous meeting. Good luck.

My boyfriend loves vintage clothes but his 1970s outfits are getting embarrassing. Can I say anything?

If he enjoys 1970s gear and you want to turn him into a David Gandy lookalike, it may not work between you. But remember, you fell in love with a person in a 1970s outfit so perhaps you should just accept him as he is. You can show him a trendy outfit in a shop and suggest it might suit him but if he does not want to change, don’t force him to.

My boyfriend has suggested I go on a diet. We’ve booked a table for Valentine’s. What shall I do?

Eat as much as you like and have fun. You’re going out for Valentine’s Day, you are not going out for sparkling water and a cracker.

He is always messaging his ex-girlfriend on Facebook. Am I right to complain?

Have you asked why he does it? It could be that they are still great friends or it could be there’s a bit of regret still there. It may be that his ex messages him and he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. You need to talk to him and if you’re not satisfied with his answers, you’ll have to make a decision over whether to stay with him.

We’re going out on Valentine’s Day but my boyfriend has terrible manners and he can’t stop burping…

Oh, jeeeeeez. There is burping in the comfort of your own home but burping in public? It’s a bit much! Tell him, ‘This is not on, it’s about respect, you have to stop.’ He has to realise it’s not sexy. I don’t know anybody who is into that type of behaviour. Not even kinky people would accept burps.

I’ve just discovered my boyfriend kissed a girl at the office Christmas party. Should I dump him?

Well, he was drunk… come on, the poor guy. I see from your email that you’re both young and I don’t think it’s a big thing. We’ve all done drunk things when we were young and imagine his embarrassment at work. That’s punishment enough.

My boyfriend and I have a wonderful same-sex relationship but he won’t hold my hand in public or book a restaurant together on Valentine’s. How can I encourage him to come out?

You are confident with your sexuality and your partner is not. You need to understand how it could be difficult for him — perhaps because of the way he was brought up or what his parents think. Be patient and over time he’ll gain confidence and will feel more comfortable with his sexuality.

When my date has a drink he plays the air saxophone or air guitar. I find this a real turn-off, especially when he shuts his eyes as he mimes. What can I do if the restaurant plays music?

This calls for honesty. When he’s sober say, ‘I find it excruciatingly embarrassing when you pretend to play these instruments.’ Maybe he’ll get upset but stay firm. Then if you are sitting in a restaurant and he strikes a pose, say, ‘Please, come on, man, can you stop playing the air guitar?’ He can stop if he really tries.

How long should I wait before a follow-up text after a first date with a girl?

If you like her, do it straight away and tell her, ‘I loved the date — it was amazing.’ Life’s too short to play games.

Is it ever OK to check his phone messages?

Never. It’s not your business.

Heart to heart

First Dates waitresses paramedic Laura Tott and actress Cici Coleman talk romance…

Laura Tott

You’re a paramedic, who would you give the kiss of life to? Colin Firth. Without any hesitation. My favourite by miles!

Top romantic movie? Pretty Woman [above]. I was made to watch it about three years ago and it’s one of my favourite films!

Best love song? Luther Vandross’s Never Too Much. If I got married, I’d love that to be my song because the love just shines through.

Best Valentine’s tip? It’s the thought that counts and hand-made cards sent by my friends mean so much more.

Worst ever Valentine’s? When I was a teenager I was dumped by my boyfriend in front of everyone at school. I had bought him a Cadbury bar and card, so I ripped up the card and ate the chocolate.

Cici Coleman

Top romantic film? It sounds so clichéd but I’d go with The Notebook – I love a good cry.

Best love song? It Must Have Been Love from Pretty Woman. It was sung by Roxette and when I first heard it, I was too young to understand the lyrics. I do now!

Top place for a date: The glass igloo domes on London’s Embankment, where you can dine in private in winter.

Best Valentine’s tip? You can’t really go wrong on Valentine’s Day so don’t half-heart it – really go for it.

Worst ever Valentine’s? The worst Valentine’s are when you’re going through a break-up and suddenly this day seems to be really important.

First Dates: Valentine’s Special is on C4 tomorrow at 10pm. Sirieix also presents My Million Pound Menu, Tuesdays on BBC2

Rush-hour Crush

Love is all around us, as shown by messages left by our commuter cupids. Are they talking about you? Please tell us if you get together!

Asian guy with glasses at the Bloomsbury campus library almost every day. It seems we’re both busy working on our reports due this week. Coffee after? Shy Girl, Messy Bun And Glasses

Brown-haired college lad who wears a black cap with a black coat and skinny jeans. You send off a strong smell of aftershave. I see you every Monday on the No.8 Stagecoach bus from Leigh to Wigan that passes through Hindley Green at 7.55am. Drink? Sean, Scarf, Dark Coat, Dark Hat, Often Carries A Backpack

Curly hair, often in a bun, wearing headphones and looking sleepy with a beautiful smile on the early Tube from Uxbridge to central London. You moved over to let me sit down, despite the fact I was soaking wet. Breakfast and coffee? Man Wearing Running Kit

Blonde beauty in the next carriage on Sunday morning travelling north. We were checking each other out before I got off at Finchley Central. Drink? Guy In The Blue Jacket

The lovely blonde girl with bags and rucksacks who smiled at me on the Bakerloo line. You got off at Oxford Circus and asked me for directions. I wish I knew the directions to your heart.Slightly Dishevelled Guy

To the whippet-like beauty normally on the Clapton bus. I made you and your Kiwi friend laugh at Old Street. Can I pay you properly for that cigarette? Paul, North London

Rush-hour crush in association with Lotto ®