How do I attract the best type of tenant?

I want to rent out my property. Are there any particular improvements I should carry out to get the right sort of tenant?

IF you’re planning to become a landlord, it’s crucial to get it right. When renting out a property, it’s actually quite simple — if the property is nice and somewhere that you might like to live, then it’s likely that tenants (or buyers) would feel exactly the same.

Firstly, I would always advise you to think about what type of tenant you would like to attract — say, a student, a young professional, or a family.

Once you identify who your target tenant is, then try to look at the space through their eyes. For example, if you are trying to attract a student, you may want to think about creating a study area somewhere or put a desk in the bedroom.

However, if you’re looking to attract a family, who will generally want to stay long-term, you should think about how they will use the space. They may need space for a pram, may prefer a bath and an open-plan kitchen, and a separate utility area is always a big bonus, too. Professional sharers may prefer less open-plan space so they don’t feel on top of each other.

Try to think about the smaller practical things as well, to make you tick as many boxes as possible. These don’t need to be expensive. For example, coat hooks, shelves within cupboards to maximise storage space or blackout blinds in the bedrooms.

Attention to detail makes the difference in securing the right tenant quickly. A landlord who has identified their target tenant, adapted their property accordingly and made it ready to move into will always be more successful in securing a good tenant.

Storage is always a draw and I have rented so many properties for clients which trumped all of the others because of lots of well-configured storage space.

If your property demonstrates that you are a responsible and detail-orientated landlord, you are more likely to attract a tenant who will treat your property well as they recognise what a gem the property — and you — really are.

Jo Eccles is a property expert and director of SP Property Group. Got a question for Jo? Email: