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Guilty Pleasures: Lorraine Kelly admits to putting on a ‘persona’ at work

Consummate 'performer': Lorraine has a laugh on set PICTURES: REX

MUCH-LOVED TV presenter Lorraine Kelly is known for her warm and genuine personality, but even she has admitted to putting on an act for the cameras.

Talking ahead of the publication of her new self-help book Shine, Lorraine addressed the Twitter to-do earlier this year when she was deemed to be a ‘performer’ rather than simply an ITV employee during a tax case.

Although nobody seriously believed the cheerful telly host was some sort of diva behind closed doors, Lorraine admits she did get a ribbing from friends.

‘I know people had a good old laugh about that, and that’s fine,’ Lorraine said. ‘But we all do that to a certain degree in our work. I mean, there are days that I go into work and I don’t feel 100 per cent, but I’m not going to sit there and go “poor me, poor me”.

‘I’ve got the best job in the world, but, like every single human being on earth, you don’t feel great all the time. But, you go in, and it doesn’t matter what job you do, driving a bus or whatever it is, we’ve all got that kind of persona.

‘You go home to your loved one and you go, “Oh God I’ve had a terrible day!” But you don’t do that while you’re in your work, you’re professional and you have to be.’

And even after 35 years in broadcasting Lorraine admits she still suffers from imposter syndrome, after being told early on in her career that her Glaswegian accent would hold her back.

‘I don’t think that ever really leaves you,’ she says.

Lorraine, 60 later this month, is also candid about her own struggle with anxiety, a condition she faced during the menopause.

‘Five or six years ago, I suddenly felt really overwhelmed and anxious, and I’m not an anxious person. I’m somebody that just gets on with it, and I’ve usually got a sunny disposition, and I don’t know where that went.

‘All the life drained out of me, and I felt very flat. I wasn’t sleeping, and I felt tired.’

Lucky Lorraine had access to her show’s onscreen doctor Hilary Jones, who advised her to try hormone replacement therapy, which she describes as ‘an absolute game changer’.

Just as well HRT worked for her as she often needs all the good humour she can muster, she admits, since she and fellow ITV host Piers Morgan don’t always see eye to eye.

‘Polar opposites’: But Lorraine never gives Piers the cold shoulder

‘I know he’s a very divisive figure, but he makes me howl with laughter sometimes,’ she says.

‘Sometimes I shout at him. Sometimes I completely disagree with him — on many, many things, we are polar opposites.

‘But I always think people should be allowed to express their opinion. People should also be allowed to shoot them down when that opinion is ridiculous.’

Despite their different viewpoints, Lorraine insists ‘he is actually quite a kind person’ and she is full of admiration for the way he has ‘taken breakfast TV by the scruff of the neck and given it a shake’.

Well-chosen words, but then we’d expect nothing less from such a consummate ‘performer’.

Shine: Discover A Brighter You is out now