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Fleur Bell talks magic mirrors, virtual make-up and taking selfies

You went to a Panasonic tech show in Japan recently. Did you see anything interesting?

There are some things they will take from professional beauty services and then make available to the Japanese consumer market, such as blackhead extractors. They have ones that suck the dirt out, which sounds disgusting but seems to work very well.

Are you a fan of mirrors that give you fashion advice?

They have one in the Burberry shop in Regent Street in London. Products are tagged for the mirror, then it shows how the item looked on the runway and shows you how to style it. It works well in a shop but I’m not sure if it would be much use in your home.

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What are the best beauty gadgets you’ve come across?

Recently, the Foreo cleansing brush: it’s like the Clarisonic but silicon-based, so it’s easy to clean. I also like having a professional LED light facial. They are available as gadgets but aren’t as good. It uses a mask of LED lights and the different colours penetrate the skin differently to treat different types of issues. I was sceptical but it works.

Do you like make-up apps?

They’re fun to play around with but I’m not sure how helpful they are in showing you how to do your make-up. They always seem to read your face incorrectly and put the make-up in places it isn’t supposed to go. They’re good if you’re scared of certain looks, such as false eyelashes, and give you an idea of how you might look without having to do it.

What advice would you give to aspiring YouTubers?

The only thing that will hold you back is yourself. Subscribers ask me about starting their own channels, then say, ‘Oh, but it’s too saturated now.’ There are lots of people doing it but there’s space for everyone. And you’ll learn as you go. You won’t be perfect to start with so don’t be scared of doing some dodgy videos.

How long were you doing it for before you earned a living?

I started my YouTube channel when I was in the last year of my geography degree and when I graduated I could do my channel full-time — the timing just worked. Brands are on board with YouTube now. It’s important to remember you’ll need to do videos for a year or two without earning money. You need to build up your content and audience before you will earn money but it’s viable if you’re passionate.

Tried and tested: Foreo cleansing brush

What are your tips for taking a good selfie?

Good lighting is key. You don’t necessarily need a good camera if you’ve got good lighting.

Any tips for boosting your social media followers?

Be consistent. If you’re not posting consistently, people don’t know when to come back. And post what you find interesting — then people probably will too. I usually post twice a day on Instagram, then put a few things up each day on Instagram Stories.

And what’s your most disappointing tech purchase?

An iPad. I never used it so I gave it to my mum. I don’t see the point of having it on because I’ve always got my phone and laptop with me.

If you could invent a beauty gadget, what would it do?

A mask you could put your face into that would do all your make-up. The closest I’ve seen is press-on eyeliner so we’ve got a long way to go.