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Five things to know about… Swedish singer Angie

Red alert: The Swedish singer Angie has proved provocative

THE controversial Swedish singer, 22, raised eyebrows with songs including Smoke Weed Eat P***y and Housewife Spliffin’. Her debut album, Suicidal Since 1995, is out on Friday.

Angie maintains she doesn’t aim to court controversy

‘I don’t think I’m controversial. If a dude was doing the exact thing I’m doing, there wouldn’t be any fuss about it. It’s because I’m a girl. Maybe I attracted attention because I have bright and playful videos about some taboo subjects. The album is a mini diary of things that have happened in the past.’

The coolest: Charli XCX and Lou Reed (below)

Most of her songs have been about drugs but she’s gone off them

‘I don’t glamorise drug use. I’ve been doing a lot of drugs in my life but I don’t any more. I hate them now. I don’t want people to do drugs. It’s not good for you. I’ve been very stressed and smoking cannabis actually made me more anxious, which I never thought would happen.’

Angie can’t wait to leave her homeland, Sweden

‘People in Sweden are so sensitive. They’re not ready for me. They treated me really badly in Sweden — they don’t like the s*** I’m doing. Swedish people want to have a reputation for being kind of classy but they aren’t.’

And she loves the UK

‘I’ve only been to the UK once before but I loved it. I like the architecture and the weather was better than in Sweden. I would love to work with Charli XCX — she’s cool. I really like her new album, Pop 2. I love a full English breakfast — but I have the vegetarian version.’

Lou Reed is one of her heroes

‘My dad and I always used to listen to Lou Reed when I was kid. He was the coolest guy ever. I’ve done a cover of Venus In Furs on the album. That’s one of my favourites — that and Heroin.’