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Five things to know about… Beanie Feldstein

Girl power:
Beanie’s in love
with a woman –
but that doesn’t
define her

■ The Lady Bird actress, 25, is in new high-school comedy Booksmart

1. She’s Jonah Hill’s sister. ‘He says he didn’t know I was a person until I was 14. To be fair, we have a ten-year age gap. Now we’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders. In Booksmart, me and Kaitlyn [Dever, her co-star] give each other compliments all the time — that’s like me and Jonah at lunch. ‘You’re the greatest!” “No, you’re the greatest!”’

2. She identifies as queer. ‘I’m in a relationship with a woman, she’s the love of my life and is the most important thing to me, but it is not the most important part of my personhood, it doesn’t define me. I do think that labels are really powerful if you come from a space and career where you’re not accepted for who you are. I’m lucky enough to come from a family where LGBTQ+ people are very accepted. They were like, “We just want to meet your girlfriend and we’re so happy for you.”’

3. Her family isn’t as ‘showbiz’ as people think. ‘People tend to write that they “come from a showbiz family”. Growing up in LA, everyone is tentatively related to the industry. Our dad is an accountant so they’re like, “He was the tour accountant for Guns N’ Roses.” Do they know what that means? It means numbers on a page! No travelling around. If you met my dad, he wears his pants up to here and glasses, and he’s the sweetest man — but definitely not rock’n’roll.’

Supergood: Beanie’s brother, actor Jonah Hill

4. She’s a huge fan of Booksmart director Olivia Wilde. ‘I was doing Hello, Dolly! on Broadway and I got this call from my agent. They were like, “Hey, Olivia Wilde wants to have lunch with you.” I was like, “You called Beanie?! Are you sure?!” We had coffee and she told me she wanted Booksmart to be like Training Day for high school and she wanted me to play Molly. I was so taken aback and honoured.’

5. She is starring in upcoming film How To Build A Girl, based on Caitlin Moran’s novel. ‘Getting to be the spiritual embodiment of Caitlin Moran on screen was so meaningful to me. She’s my feminist hero and I think her words on the big screen are going to be incredible. It changed my life forever. I worked in a store in Wolverhampton for three weeks to prepare.’

Booksmart is in cinemas now