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Finding a feminist feast on the set of Wonder Woman

CHRIS PINE has landed on a beautiful island full of Amazonian women — but he doesn’t look too happy about it. This is the UK set of the new Wonder Woman film — a part of DC’s Justice League series — and I’m watching a couple of scenes set in ancient Themyscira.

Star Trek actor Pine plays Steve Trevor, a pilot anxious to return to London and complete a mission — but he’s being interrogated by the ladies using the ‘lasso of truth’.

When I catch up with Pine and star Gal Gadot during a break in filming, Gadot is all smiles. ‘Today we’re shooting a scene in the Throne Room,’ she says.

So steely: Wonder Woman ready for action

‘Steve is being questioned about how he got to the island and we’re using the lasso for the first time.’

Israeli actress Gadot plays, of course, Diana Prince, future Wonder Woman and a demi-god created by Zeus and raised by Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen).

Tall and willowy, Gadot still looks faintly ethereal dressed in a T-shirt and jeans, and seems at ease with the challenge of taking on the iconic role.

‘They’re big shoes to step into,’ she says. ‘What Lynda Carter did with the character [in the 1970s TV show] was fantastic, I loved it but the Wonder Woman being reintroduced is different.

‘This is the origins story of the character and she’s not American. She came from Themyscira and was being raised by her mother and all the Amazonians.’

Closing in: Dancing with an army villain

The scenes we’re watching were shot indoors and will be transformed into a breathtaking setting in post-production.

Production designer Aline Bonetto tells us the world of the women will be in harmony with nature. ‘It’s the perfect world. It’s always really perfect weather and it only rains at night,’ she says.

Nevertheless, Diana leaves in order to tackle evil during World War I, and we watch a touching scene in which she bids farewell to Hippolyta and gets on a boat with Steve.

The message is all about peace — and this Wonder Woman loves everyone, Gadot assures us.

Director Patty Jenkins (Monster) helped shape this character in the early stages of script development. ‘It went through a stage of her being as violent as a man,’ says Jenkins. ‘I was saying, “Aren’t we past that? Can’t we just have her as a universal character who can do things no person on this planet has ever done before? I don’t have to work so hard to see a woman can do that.’

Still, this Wonder Woman is pretty badass — Gadot had rigorous training for the role. ‘I really enjoy it and I like my body, it makes me feel strong. I like knowing how to protect myself. I love riding horses now. It’s just fun to push my limits time and again.’ Spoken like a true Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman is in cinemas from tomorrow