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Film review: Extraction

Getting physical: Chris Hemsworth plays macho mercenary Tyler Rake


Extraction (18)

Netflix ★★★☆☆

EVER feel like you just really need a big, noisy, smash’em, crash’em, shoot‘em-in-the-face-then-blow‘em-up kind of action movie? Well, Netflix has provided one.

Chris ‘Thwoar!’ Hemsworth leads the cast as macho mercenary Tyler Rake (a name you’d like think they generated from one of those ‘what’s your porn star name?’ tests that combine your pet’s name with a garden implement). Tyler — or should that be Rake? — is a brutal, one-man killing machine, permanently plastered in blood, sweat, stubble, tattoos and testosterone. But he’s sensitive too, as we see in supposedly poignant flashbacks to his tiny, blond, absent son.

Father issues come to the fore when Rake is tasked with extracting an international crime lord’s son (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) who has been kidnapped by someone or other in Mumbai. And it all goes a bit wrong. Er… that’s it.

Shot with more muscular skill than imagination, this is a kidnapping thriller so ‘seen it all before’ it even shares a title with another recent one — a 2015 flop starring Bruce Willis. What makes this Hemsworthy is that it’s the debut feature from Sam Hargrave, former Marvel stunt coordinator turned director — and it shows.

Breathlessly lensed in how-the-heck-did-they-do-that? handheld, Extraction is a non-stop cavalcade of rooftop-leaping, bone-crunching, bullet-pumping, car-exploding, blood-splattering, fluidly choreographed set pieces. In-between them, a smouldering Hemsworth looks alternately confused and squinty while he learns life lessons from his young meal ticket. ‘You drown not by falling into the river, but staying submerged in it,’ says the boy. Deep man. Thankfully there’s scant time for dialogue, which mostly consists of more grunting than a hippopotamus sex orgy. The body count is off the scale, yet you may well find the cartoonish violence oddly lulling. I did.