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Evil teen who tortured her ex and made him drink urine from dog bowl is jailed

A SADISTIC teenage girl and her new boyfriend have been jailed for torturing her ex and forcing him to drink urine from a dog bowl.

Kathleen Phelan (above), 18, subjected Matthew Butcher to a terrifying six-hour ordeal when he was abused and beaten.

Mr Butcher, 19, was forced to drink a cocktail of beer, urine and salt from a dog bowl and led around Phelan’s flat on a length of rope.

He also had a knife jabbed in his chest, his head rammed into a wall and was forced to perform humiliating impressions of TV stars before he was finally released.

‘I’m on top of the world with this little rat’: New boyfriend George Russell-Brookes PICTURES: SWNS

Mr Butcher, who suffers from Crohn’s disease and wears a colostomy bag, confided in a friend who told his horrified parents and the police were called.

Phelan, her new boyfriend, aspiring vet George Russell-Brookes, 20, and their friend Christopher Emery, 19, were jailed after they admitted false imprisonment.

Phelan, of Earlsdon, Coventry, who was 17 at the time of the attack, was handed three years’ detention.

Russell-Brookes, of Canley, Coventry, was jailed for five years and three months while Emery, of Kenilworth, Warwickshire, received four years and nine months.

Arrived with a length of rope: Christopher Emery

Sentencing the trio at Warwick crown court, Judge Andrew Lockhart QC said: ‘You Mr Russell-Brookes were intent on violence from the outset.

‘At that stage, Kathleen Phelan, you were shouting at him to stop, but you flipped from that to heavy engagement in what followed.

‘You, Mr Ellis, knew someone was being held like a rat, and you went to join in.

‘There was torture and humiliation. Any human being subjected by a fellow human being to this type of conduct will be seriously affected by it.

‘In my judgment this is a very grave offence of false imprisonment, and in all your cases only a significant sentence of custody can be considered.’

Prosecutor James Dunstan said on August 17 last year a printer for Phelan had been delivered to his home, so he took it round to her flat.

The door was answered by Russell-Brookes who invited him inside but then shoved him forcefully across the living room to the floor as Phelan locked the door behind him.

Russell-Brookes pulled him to his feet, only to push him over again and punch and kick him, causing bleeding to his nose and mouth.

At first Phelan was shouting at him to stop, but then demanded their victim’s phone and pushed his head against the wall with such force that the plaster cracked.

She ordered him to make a call to get her wifi connection re-established, which he did and then asked to leave, but was told by Russell-Brookes: ‘No, I’ve got so much more for you.’

Russell-Brookes made a FaceTime call to Emery, telling him: ‘I’m on top of the world with this little rat I’ve got here.’

Mr Butcher was made to snort lines of salt and when he vomited the trio forced him to eat it.

Phelan then got a bleach cleaner and sprayed it on his face and arms, before telling the other two: ‘We don’t want him dead yet.’

She and Russell-Brookes took turns to sit on his chest, and she began jabbing him with a knife.

Phelan took hold of Mr Butcher’s finger and used it to activate his phone and access his bank account. She transferred £150 into her own account and used it to make purchases and pay for Emery’s taxi.

When Emery arrived with a four-metre length of rope, the gang tied the victim’s legs together and the rope was tied round his neck before he was led around and made to ‘act like a dog’.

They ordered him to drink from a dog bowl in which they had mixed water, urine, beer and salt, telling him if he did not do so they would keep him for another 24 hours.

Mr Butcher was finally allowed to leave.

Nick Berry, defending Russell-Brookes, said: ‘It was a sickening incident. His behaviour was utterly wicked.’