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Driver fined for Blackpool littering — but last visited resort 7 years ago

A MOTORIST is baffled after getting an £80 fine for littering in Blackpool — despite not having visited the seaside resort in more than seven years.

Barry King (pictured), 54, was amazed to receive a fixed penalty notice for allegedly throwing rubbish out of the window of his Nissan Micra on the morning of August 23.

But he claims he was 300 miles away at home in Horsham, West Sussex, at the time.

He owns a Nissan Micra but it has clocked up only 237 miles since its last MOT in November — which is less than a one-way journey to Lancashire.

The fixed penalty notice, which he received on September 6, states he was spotted throwing litter by a traffic officer.

He was warned the fine will rise to £150 if it is not paid within 14 days and further legal action may follow.

Barry suspects the officer wrote down the number plate incorrectly, which would explain why he has received the fine instead of the actual offender.

The gardener has appealed to Blackpool council and provided a copy of his mileage since November as proof they have the wrong man.

He said: ‘I was really shocked when I got the letter.

‘I wondered what on earth was going on and the more I looked at it the more I realised how ludicrous it was to suggest I had done what is alleged.

‘I was the best part of 300 miles away at the time and thankfully I can prove it.’

Barry says at the exact time of the alleged offence, 7.25am on August 23, he was at home getting ready for work. And he claims he can provide paperwork proving he got paid for a job that morning.

He explained his last visit to Blackpool was seven years ago to celebrate wife Elisa’s 40th birthday.

Blackpool council confirmed it was investigating Barry’s claims. A spokesman said: ‘We have received correspondence with regards to this matter.

‘We have responded and advised the person issued with a fixed penalty notice how to provide the relevant information needed to potentially close the matter.’

Barry has expressed his frustration about having to go to so much effort to prove his innocence for an offence he ‘clearly did not do’.

‘It’s actually really annoying to have to go through all this,’ he said. ‘They’ve clearly got the wrong person.’