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Don’t get stashed!

‘STASHING’ is the latest dating crime term. It’s when you’ve been with someone a while but they still don’t advertise your existence. Here are some signs to look out for:


He or she is happy to stay at your place but goes all weird when you hang out at theirs. It could be a sign that they prefer to control how much time you spend together.


It’s been four months but you haven’t met a relative, friend or colleague. If you’re into someone you want to shout about them from the rooftops.


It’s been four months and they haven’t asked to meet any of your close mates. You have to ask, are they interested enough in the real you?


Do the territorial test. What happens when you are on their regular stomping ground — you visit their gym, you have a picnic in their local park, you meet the after-work crew? If they’re stingy on the PDA they could be protecting their single image.


If they never tag you on Facebook/ Insta/Twitter but they tag everyone else. What bigger clue do you need?