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Divorced £71m Lotto winner vows to splash the cash and change his life

One in 71million: Ade Goodchild with his mega Lottery cheque PICTURE: PA

A FACTORY worker has quit his job and vowed to spend, spend, spend after winning £71million on EuroMillions.

Ade Goodchild, 58, from Hereford, has his eye on a new house with a hot tub, ‘a few staff’ and holidays to the Grand Canyon and the Pyramids.

‘I’m not one of these winners who is going to say this win won’t change me,’ said the divorcee, who has worked more than 24 years at a metal factory. ‘It bloody well will, or at least I’ll give it a damn good go.’

Toasting Friday’s jackpot win with Champagne, he said: ‘There’ll be no more shift work for me. I want to travel, find myself a lovely new home, go to top sporting events, and try many other things besides.

‘I’m not a gardener but I’d like a bit of space for the dogs and a nice spot for my hammock on sunny days, so it would be good to have someone to take care of the view. I could also get used to a driver and even my own cook.’

Mr Goodchild said when he checked his ticket on Saturday it ‘gave me the winning “ping” sound and I thought I might have won a fiver or something.

‘I read the prize amount again and realised that it was actually £71million and just one winner — me. It was then that I called my mum and dad. Their reaction was one of complete shock. I still don’t think it’s sunk in.’

He celebrated by watching Wales’s rugby union victory with his dad. ‘(We had) slightly fancier beer than we would have, nice Italian beer, sent out for pizza and had some spicy wings — the sort of things millionaires do every Saturday,’ he said. ‘I’ve told my parents they can stop saving now and spend my inheritance. I wasn’t brought up wealthy but I’m going to have fun learning.’

Cheers: A toast to new life PICTURE: PA

Childless Mr Goodchild is the 15th biggest jackpot winner and the wealthiest singleton to go public, the National Lottery confirmed. Asked if it might help his romantic prospects, he said: ‘Anybody I think I couldn’t have pulled before has got no chance, because I haven’t suddenly become more attractive overnight — just my wallet has.’

But there were no regrets from his ex-wife Suzanna, who told her parents: ‘I don’t want a penny of his winnings. He can keep the lot.’

Malcolm and Lesley Smith said their daughter was pleased to leave him three years ago after 20 years of marriage.

Mrs Smith, 76, said: ‘She said he’d let himself go. She put up with it as long as she could. She wishes him well.’