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Diet secrets of the Iceman… as much fat as he could get

Fat’s all, folks:
Experts discover the
Alps-dweller was no
fan of muesli PICTURE: SWNS

HE MAY look all skin and bone but this ‘Iceman’ who lived more than 5,000 years ago had a ‘remarkably high-fat diet’, researchers have discovered.

Experts studying his mummified corpse found about half the contents of his stomach were fat.

And while it might be amusing to imagine him greedily stuffing his face with doughnuts while lounging about in a cave, it seems he probably needed all that lard just to survive.

His remains were found naturally preserved by ice in the Italian Alps.

Dr Albert Zink, head of the Eurac Research Institute for Mummy Studies, said: ‘The high and cold environment is challenging for humans and requires optimal nutrient supply to avoid rapid starvation and energy loss.

‘The Iceman seemed to have been fully aware that fat represents an excellent energy source.’

The world’s oldest ice mummy was found back in 1991 by German tourists.

His stomach had moved inside his body during mummification and was only recently spotted when experts looked afresh at CT scans.

He probably got most of the fat from ibex — wild goats — and was also found to have eaten a toxic type of bracken, possibly as a medicine.