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Critics in a lather over MP Johnny Mercer’s claim ‘all women fancy him’

DEFENCE minister Johnny Mercer has been on the receiving end of a backlash for retweeting that he’d never met a straight woman who didn’t fancy him.

The Tory MP and former soap model added ‘me neither’ in a comment above a tweet from researcher and ‘neoconservative’ Ben Harris, which read: ‘I don’t think I’ve ever met a straight woman who doesn’t fancy @JohnnyMercerUK.’

Mr Mercer, 37, added Guardian columnist Marina Hyde’s Twitter handle to his retweet. The writer, who has previously described the MP as ‘comically overrated, mostly by himself’, replied: ‘Always instructive to hear from the defence minister.’

Soap star: MP’s half-naked Dove TV ad

Among hundreds of replies panning Mr Mercer, Rachael Nosworthy said: ‘Absolutely not, I would rather gouge my eyes out with hot spoons pal.’

Samantha Malin added: ‘I’m straight and find you to be the worst sort of smug, self satisfied mediocrity that has repulsed me all my life.’

Hannah Le Rouge wrote: ‘He fancies himself more than any woman ever will.’

The Plymouth MP, a former combat veteran who is married with two children, was recently made Parliamentary under secretary of state for defence, people and veterans by Boris Johnson.

‘Just a joke’: Johnny Mercer’s tweet

He later claimed his tweet was a ‘self-deprecating joke’. He added: ‘Hyde hates me, and I neither worry nor care if others do or don’t. If I did believe this would I ever post it?? Huge apologies obvs to Hyde and other self-appointed intellectual giants/commentators so profoundly upset.’

In 2015, Mr Mercer was filmed half naked in a shower and also shown playing with his daughter in a TV ad for Dove beauty products.

It was filmed before he won his seat and only aired in the US.

He said: ‘They phoned us up because they wanted people who weren’t models or signed up to an agency. When they asked me, I thought “why not, it will be a laugh”.’