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Council removes car-shaped bike rack after it blocked parking bay

On the move: The cycle rack blocked a parking bay

BUNGLING council chiefs were forced to remove a £2,500 car-shaped bike rack from a town after just one day — because it blocked a parking bay.

Lincolnshire County Council splashed out on 20 of the bright green stands as part of a £100,000 green travel plan.

But officials were forced into an embarrassing U-turn after one of the racks took up valuable car parking spaces outside a line of shops.

The 10ft-long rack appeared on High Street in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, last week but was taken down after less than 24 hours following a flurry of complaints.

One business owner said: ‘I’m all for greener travel but we’re on our knees thanks to coronavirus.

Mixed messages: The car shaped bike racks are part of a green travel plan but have left residents confused and angry PICTURES: SWNS

‘We need all the help we can get and that includes encouraging people to come and spend their money.

‘Car parking has always been an issue in the town so what do the council do? They make it even harder to park your car.

‘You would have hoped someone in the council might have looked at these cartoon-cars and thought, hang on, how can people park their actual real cars next to them?’

Writing on Facebook, other residents branded the rack ‘an eyesore’ while others said it was a ‘stupid waste of money’.

Judith Partridge wrote: ‘Surely if it’s supposed to be a bike rack shouldn’t it be in the shape of a bike not a car?’

Melissa Cox posted: ‘It’s hard enough finding parking spaces in towns as it is without a bike rack taking up an entire space. Just stupid.’

Sharon Rudd commented: ‘Was the person who designed it drunk??? It’s a bike rack so why is it in the shape of a car?’

Lincolnshire County Council responded: ‘When it comes to upgrading our cycling infrastructure, having a coordinated approach that allows cyclists to reach more destinations will have the biggest impact on increasing the rate of cycling and take traffic off our roads.’