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Christine Lampard on husband Frank won’t be taking part in her new ghost-hunting show

You’re co-hosting Celebrity Haunted Mansion. What was the appeal?

It’s just so different to anything I’ve ever done. There’s a bit of madness involved and, whether you believe or don’t, it’s an eerie experience regardless. And this new venue is freakishly eerie. I’ve never seen ghosts but coming from Northern Ireland, where we’re steeped in superstition and old folklore, they’ve always fascinated me.

Two celebrity teams are pitted against each other. Who are you most excited about?

Both of them! I know [team captain] Jack Osbourne is very in to this. He and [ghost hunter] Jason Hawes properly believe in it, so there’s a seriousness to them. It’s not just a bit of fun, there are serious experiments, so we have two brilliant leaders and all our other celebrities will mix it up off the back of that.

Wedded bliss: Frank Lampard

Which celebrity friends would you like to see take it on?

Some of the Loose Women, like Janet Street-Porter, could be interesting. Stacey Solomon screams a lot so she could be too! Phillip Schofield is a very intelligent person and maybe a bit cynical but he loves a good experiment and is willing to put himself up for anything. He’s scared of very little. Frank [Lampard] would be useless — he wouldn’t enjoy it at all, there’s no point pretending! If we were to leave him for a night in one of the rooms, it wouldn’t go down well at all.

Do you believe in the supernatural?

I believe there’s something out there and there are things we can’t explain. There are lots of very intelligent people who tell you stories of things that have happened to them and I’m not calling them liars. I don’t have a burning desire to witness something, though, because it’d completely freak me out. I’d turn into a four-year-old girl!

You have a bit of a sixth sense, though, don’t you?

On two occasions when I was in New York, women came up to me and said I have some sort of an aura and third eye that I have to look in to more. I get weird feelings about things but I think a lot of people do, you just don’t always listen to them. It’s your intuition. I had a funny feeling about this scaffolding near our house, so I pushed Frank out the way and two seconds afterwards this big clump of metal crashed down where we’d been standing.

Who’s your favourite presenting partner? You’ve worked with a few…

I have done and can’t fault any of them. Matt [Richardson] is brilliant, Phil [Schofield], Adrian [Chiles], they’re all different in their own ways but all great. Holly [Willoughby] I’ve done stuff with and then, of course, on Loose Women you’re sitting with a whole panel of co-presenters. It’s mostly women I work with at the moment and when I do Lorraine I’m on my own. It’s great to have a fun relationship on screen and I’ve been lucky that’s all I’ve experienced.

Do you feel you’ve found your presenting niche now?

I do love the daytime stuff and the ordinary conversations on Loose Women. We go through the papers in the morning and if there’s something that interests any of us, we try to make that into the discussion. It just feels really comfortable.

Did it take a while to get used to opening up about your life on Loose Women?

I’m quite open anyway and talking about things feels very natural. I’d never say anything that’d upset someone or embarrass Frank. But at the same time if we’re moaning about him not filling the dishwasher, I’m happy to talk about all the silly things that happen in our life. I was incredibly nervous when I started in that hosting role but they’ve all been so welcoming.

You and Frank had your two-year anniversary in December. Did your relationship change when you married?

I felt different the day after I got engaged and also the morning after our wedding. Our lives hadn’t changed one bit, we went back to the house we lived in, but I felt married in the most beautiful way. Saying ‘my husband’ still feels like a novelty. We’ve been together nearly nine years.

Team captain: Jack Osbourne

Frank does TV punditry now. Would you work together?

Football is what he knows so whether it would be us talking about that, I don’t know. It would be fun to do something together — long lunches would come in to those days!

Celebrity Haunted Mansion is on for five nights from tomorrow at 9pm on W, with the first night also live on Really