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Being a student is stressful and it’s important to give your head a break from trying to learn new things. But sometimes it’s not that easy to just switch off. If you find you need some help, Headspace has a selection of sessions to help you de-stress, stay focused, and deal with situations that make you feel overwhelmed. Premium access costs from around £4 a month.


They don’t give out qualifications for being organised but if they did you can bet those who use MyStudyLife would be top of the class. It not only lets you keep track of your timetable, but also allows you to add assignment deadlines, exams and other associated tasks — with reminders and cross-device cloud syncing to ensure that nothing ever slips your mind.


When it comes to revision you can’t beat flashcards as a way of filling your noggin with key bits of information. Quizlet lets you easily make your own sets, plus there are others shared by students studying the same subjects, so you can brush up on your knowledge whenever you get a spare five minutes.


It’s hardly surprising that having a device in your pocket that gives you access to the entire internet can be a little distracting. If you can’t rely on will power alone to stop you checking Instagram when you should be working, Flipd lets you start tracked and timed study sessions to help you stay away from your favourite time-sinks.


Nobody’s pretending work isn’t sometimes boring, but your usual playlist of Stormzy freestyles probably isn’t very conducive to concentration. The team at worked with neuroscientists and psychologists to create music that elicits strong neural phase locking, which means it puts your grey matter in a state that helps you get stuff done. Unlimited use costs from £3.33 a month.


All this hard work is worth nothing if you oversleep on the day of your exam. If setting multiple alarms still doesn’t get you up, Alarmy requires you to complete a preset task before it’ll shut up: shake your phone, get up and take a picture in a particular place, or solve a tricky maths problem for example. You’ll hate it, but it’ll do the job.


At college you’re going to take a lot of notes and you’ll need to keep them organised. OfficeLens turns your phone’s camera into a document scanner, but the real magic happens when you save your snaps as Microsoft Word files. It turns written notes into searchable text, so you’ll always be able to find that bit you’re looking for.


If sums are not your strong point, either type in the problem, read it out, or snap a quick picture of it using your phone’s camera and Mathway will work out the answer. If you want the app to show you how it got there, a premium subscription starts at just over £3 a month.

All apps are for both iOS and Android