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A pint of bore: ‘Dullest man in Britain’ hoards 9,000 beer cans

A MAN has been officially named the ‘dullest In Britain’ after spending 40 years amassing the country’s largest collection of beer cans.

Nick West has more than 9,000 unusual and rare tinnies — and has even moved house twice to fit them all in.

The 59-year-old first started collecting them when he was 16 — sweeping up empty leftovers at the house party of the schoolgirl who would later become his wife.

Froth’s not to like? Nick with his beloved cans PICTURES: SWNS

Nick, a dad-of-two, started his collection in 1975 after seeing a report on TV about a man who sold beer cans to collectors in the US.

Nick and his wife have drunk all the beer and they had to build an extension on a previous home to make space for the cans.

They also later moved into a large five-bedroom Victorian house so he could have them on display.

But he has now donated most of them to a local museum — so he can buy a smaller house.

He amassed 9,300 cans before making the ‘heartfelt’ decision to trim down his £25,000 collection to just 1,500.

In 2015, Nick appeared in a book called Dull Men of Great Britain alongside 39 others.

A poll was recently run online asking people to vote for Britain’s Dullest Man — and he took first prize.

Nick, who worked in marketing until retiring in 2017, said: ‘My wife and I drank nearly all the cans I’ve collected between us.

‘I drank the beers and stouts and Deborah would drink the lagers.

‘It all started when I was 16 years old — I enjoyed collecting things like stamps but I had just become interested in drinking so married the two pastimes up.

‘I remember at the very beginning Deborah hosted a party when we were at school and everyone thought I was weird because I went around collecting the empty cans for my collection.

‘Deborah grew to resent the hobby because I had a small collection when I met her but it’s had a massive impact on our lives.’

His first can was a half pint of Heineken — and the oldest in the collection dates back to 1936.

Now he has moved back to smaller premises with wife Deborah, 59.

She bought him a book about beer can collecting which helped invigorate his passion for collecting.

He sold 6,000 of the cans for £13,500 which is helping to fund his retirement.

The other 1,800 have been given to local museum Oakham Treasures in Portbury, Bristol.

Nick said the beer cans were ‘beautifully kept and curated’ around his homes with ‘curtains to stop them being damaged by light’.

He was also prompted to quit by the boom in craft beers. For the first 40 years, he was collecting between 150 and 250 cans annually. But after the rise in craft beers it rose to 650 a year which became too much to handle.

Nick, who lives in Langford, North Somerset, was so obsessed with his hobby he would pick empty cans up from the street.

He said of his dubious title: ‘I was really chuffed, I’m never going to be most handsome or tallest so I’m quite happy with my mantle of dullest man.’