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83-year-old great-grandad crowned world’s oldest HGV driver

King of the road: Richard Henderson, 83, from Selkirk, has been named World's Oldest HGV Driver by Guinness World Records PICTURES: SWNS

This 83-year-old great-granddad is definitely not over the hill — and has been crowned the world’s oldest HGV driver.

Richard Henderson was delighted to learn he had made the Guinness Book of World Records for his career as a trucker.

The sprightly pensioner has to undergo a medical every year in order to stay behind the wheel.

And Richard says he believes Prince Philip should lose his licence after his recent car crash and for being spotted driving without a seatbelt.

The great-grandfather-of-two works for his son Elliot, 59, in Selkirk, Scottish Borders.

He learnt to drive a tractor aged 13, before getting a licence to ride a motorbike aged 16, and the following year got a licence to drive a car.

Long haul: Richard learnt to drive a tractor at 13, before getting a motorbike licence aged 16 and the year after a licence to drive a car

Richard said: ‘I just enjoy driving. If you sit in the house you’d just go to sleep, so you’ve got to get out.’

He first started working as a truck driver aged 25 but has worked for Elliot for the past 16 years — after retiring for just two days.

And Richard supports the DVLA’s insistence that HGV or bus drivers over the age of 65 undergo rigorous testing to ensure the licence can safely be renewed.

Richard said: ‘I think it’s quite a good thing.

‘I wouldn’t say it needs to be every year for car drivers, but maybe every three years.

‘You’ve got to go to an optician or a doctor, and if there’s anything wrong you’ve got to go to Swansea.’

On the border: The great-grandfather-of-two works for his son Elliot Henderson in Selkirk

He is in good health but added: ‘I’m a wee bit stiff.

‘But I get people saying “you make a better job of reversing than a younger man”.’

Richard was taught to drive a tractor in the fields by farmhands when he was growing up.

He said: ‘I was in the fields and whatnot, there wasn’t health and safety.

‘The workmen used to give you a shot and that was it.’

But he believes that Prince Philip, aged 97, has been let off lightly after overturning his Range Rover at the start of January.

Class act: Richard has to undergo a medical every year in order to stay behind the wheel of a truck

Richard said: ‘If that was the likes of me, they would have taken the licence away and done a medical.

‘He got a new car the next day and he was seen driving without a seatbelt.

‘If that had been any of us, we would have been fined.’

The widower believes that older drivers should be aware of their limitations.

‘I think you should know yourself that if you can’t see, you say “that’s it”,’ Richard said.

Due to the dangers of lone working, Richard usually has a colleague nearby as do all employees.

His grandchildren Tracy Keddie, 38, and Gavin Henderson, 34, also work alongside him.

Elliot, 59, added: ‘Dad retired from his job when he was 65, for two days, then he started driving for me.

‘He has been driving ever since.

‘He decided he was going to work for me.

‘I wouldn’t let him drive if I didn’t think he was safe.’