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60 Seconds with Brittany Snow

Bushwick is a bit different to Pitch Perfect… what was the appeal?

At first I was really hesitant to even do the movie — I thought it had a B movie premise. But then I talked to the directors and they explained they wanted a single-take action video game feel and they wanted to take a stab at what was going on in the current climate. What appealed to me was the idea that I only had one or two takes to do a 20-minute scene and it was almost like rehearsing and doing a play. I’d never done a movie like that before.

Did you work on your character?

Yes. When we got the script, my character Lucy was very much a damsel in distress. She was asking, ‘What is going on?’ probably about, no joke, 30 or 40 times [laughs]. As a 29-year-old woman at the time, I said, I can’t feasibly do this, play a girl who is this out of the loop and this clueless. She has to have some sort of arc and backstory so we tried to incorporate that as much as we could and make her a fighter.

In Bushwick, it seems like the world is about to end. Do you have an apocalypse plan?

[Laughs] Actually it’s funny, one of my biggest fears is zombies. I saw the movie Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman way too young as a kid — I always assumed zombies were one virus away from that movie. So I think I would just drop dead of fear if that were to happen. But an apocalypse plan in general? I was talking about that with a friend because of what’s going on in the world, which is really scary. We formulated a plan. It’s not really foolproof but it’s a conversation.

Mr Muscle: Bushwick actor Dave Bautista

What can we expect from Pitch Perfect 3?

It seemed like it was going to be hard to bring all those girls back together because they’ve all left college and grown up now but they’ve managed to do it, they go on a tour. I haven’t seen it yet but I’ve heard it’s really great and Trish Sie, our current director, really let a lot of us improv and be our characters.

You sang Research Me Obsessively in TV comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — have you ever researched anyone obsessively?

Oh yes, of course, it’s now so available, you have to stop yourself from checking up on people. It’s useful though. Before dates with guys or even before a meeting with producers I look at their Instagram to see if they’re doing peace signs or something lame like that.

Have you ever cancelled a date because of it?

No, actually that’s a good point — that would be awful because hopefully I give people the benefit of the doubt. But Instagram tells you a lot about someone.

Any pet peeves?

I’m very sensitive to smells and sounds. If somebody has too much cologne on I can’t stand it or if someone is picking their teeth I can hear it. I should chill but I really pick up on those things.

Nice guy: Hangman co-star Al Pacino

What has been your most and least glam moment lately?

Oh god, there’s so many not glamorous moments. The most glamorous thing I’ve done for a while would be to go to Cannes for Bushwick. There were yacht parties and I felt so out of place. I didn’t know what to do with my hands and stood in a corner at some point. Probably the most unglamorous would be rushing to meetings with French fries in my car, talking on the phone, getting dressed because I’m late.

Do you sing around the house?

I do. My dog probably thinks I’m so crazy because I’m constantly singing to her, not very well, but it makes me feel better I guess. And it makes me feel like there’s somebody else around.

What’s your style?

It would be classic and effortless and a bit tomboy. My stylist friend is much more of a lady, she wants to always make me very Jackie O. I’m always pushing back!

What is coming up?

I’m getting ready to shoot a short film I wrote and I’m going to direct so that’s exciting. I also did a movie called Hangman with Al Pacino and Karl Urban. That was great, working with them and learning from Al. He’s not only one of the most prolific and amazing actors in the world but an incredible human being.

Bushwick is in cinemas from Friday and on TVOD on Monday