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60 Seconds: Boyzone’s Shane Lynch on motor racing and getting the snip — on his tonsils

You’ve a new documentary. What’s it about?

It’s about Gymkhana Grid — a particular type of motorsport. It follows various drivers who compete in the event. I’ve done it for the past five years and I’m one of the drivers that features in it.

What is Gymkhana Grid?

It’s to do with cars and obstacles. I’ve gone from rally to race to drift and this is another discipline of motorsport — it requires you to be fast, neat and tidy around obstacles.

What’s your proudest achievement in motorsport?

Any time you take the podium you’ve got to be proud. I’ve won many trophies in all sorts of disciplines. One of the biggest was the British Empire Trophy at Silverstone — your name goes on a little plaque and my name is sitting alongside British Grand Prix winners like Nigel Mansell and Ayrton Senna.

Plaque honour: Nigel Mansell PICTURES: REX

What do you enjoy about motorsports?

I’m a petrolhead. It’s what flows through my veins. I love cars — I build them, race them, buy and sell them. Cars are my world. I started out in motocross but I bought my first Golf GTI when I was 17 and then it was Porsche 911s.

You’ve recently had your tonsils out — how are you?

I’m 80 per cent better. For anyone out there thinking about it — it’s worth doing but you need a good solid two weeks of downtime afterwards because it’s pretty harsh. They tell me it won’t affect my singing. There are certain scare stories on the internet saying it could affect your voice but I don’t think it has. Hopefully all is well.

You had to sing solo on Big Brother — were you nervous?

No, not at all, the only thing was I had tonsillitis. That’s one of the reasons I had them out because I was getting it every three months. The day after I went into the Big Brother house, bam, I got tonsillitis. I wasn’t nervous — singing’s what I do, it was just unfortunate I had tonsillitis at the time.

Have you stayed in touch with anyone from the show?

John Barnes is a good guy so I’ve made a friend there — and Malika [Haqq] and Ginuwine. I’ll still hang out with a few of them.

Big Brother friend: Malika Haqq

You seemed a bit quiet on the show — why was that?

I wasn’t quiet, they just didn’t show whatever it was I was doing. I was having the same discussions as everyone else but they ended up showing different relationships and scenarios. They didn’t show a lot of me but I’m happy with how I came out of it — you either come out of those things all good or all bad, so I’m happy I came out all good.

Did you enjoy all the chats about feminism?

I enjoyed all the chats about generally living in the world — I was in there for 21 days so you end up having quite deep conversations.

You have several businesses — are you naturally entrepreneurial?

I’ve got a few barber shops, a shoe shop, a gym, various garages — so there’s a lot going on in life in amongst the Boyzone stuff and the racing. I don’t consider myself to be an entrepreneur. I enjoy business, I enjoy making money and employing people but I wouldn’t put myself in any category. I make the most of opportunities and I’ve had businesses that have failed and businesses that are successful.

While people might not expect it, I’m a born-again Christian and prayer is a very important thing for me

You prayed on Big Brother. Is there anti-Christian prejudice in the world?

People want to put a stamp on you and want to label you, and while people might not expect it, I’m a born-again Christian and for me that’s about having a relationship with God. Prayer is a very important thing for me.

Do you have any unfulfilled career ambitions?

I’m always jumping around — my next step in motorsport is probably to go into drag racing. I’m going to start building a car for that. Other than that I’m always looking for new business opportunities.

What lessons has your career in showbiz taught you?

Never give up. You can dig a tunnel deep into a mountain and not find any gold or diamonds — but one more strike with that pickaxe could reveal all. Some people put it down, walk out of the tunnel and give up — but I say never give up.

Road To Gymkhana Grid is on factual channel Insight TV at 7pm, tomorrow